VanWonen in 2021

VanWonen can look back on a successful year 2021. A year full of wonderful results and upward trends. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, we expanded our area of operation and our team grew. With tons of energy and dedication, we worked on our mission: creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations. We invite you to look back with us in our Annual Report 2021, the first we have published since our establishment in 2017. On this page you will find a short summary.

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VanWonen as a sustainable area developer

Homes and living environments in which people feel happy and healthy, now and in the future. That is what we at VanWonen are working on. In achieving this goal, we are mindful of both people and the planet. Because we believe in sustainable area development. We develop without exhausting the earth’s resources and always with an eye for the well-being of residents and society as a whole.

In 2021, we applied our Sustainability Manifesto for the first time. An important step; this ‘sustainability benchmark’ helps us to work in a sustainable way. Last year, we also contributed to pleasant and future-proof environments for living and working in 9 area developments. We sold 902 homes.

VanWonen and its customers

At VanWonen, customers -and the journey they make together with us- are central. We listen to our customers, help them find solutions, and take care of everything. We strive for an optimal customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. That is why we keep a check on everything. At various moments in the customer journey, we ask our customers about their experiences. In other words: during the process, not afterwards. And we use the feedback immediately to make things better. This way, we continue to improve ourselves and customers feel that their input is valued. Our aim is customer experience excellence (the rating 9+) throughout the entire journey. We are well on our way: in 2021 our average score was an 8 (out of 10).

VanWonen as employer

On 31 December 2021, VanWonen had 58 employees; in 2020 this number was 46. Despite this substantial growth, we continue to work on our personal, unique work atmosphere. Because at VanWonen we are convinced that happy employees make for happy customers. And that is why we do not only want to be a 9+ organisation for our customers, but also for our employees. Our working environment is a place where everyone can be themselves, where trust is the basis, and personal attention our second nature. We invest in training so that each of our colleagues can continue to develop him or herself. And we strive to pleasantly surprise our employees on a regular basis. The result: in 2021, 94 percent of our employees agreed with the statement: ‘All things considered, I find VanWonen a great place to work.’ In 2021, we were the only area and property developer to be included in the top 10 of ‘best small workplaces’.