Our style, our focus areas

Creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations. How do we do this? The VanWonen focus areas and our four customer promises serve as the basis for achieving this goal. Whether we are designing a housing estate, carrying out a complex inner-city transformation, developing commercial property or are planning a supported living location with care facilities.

Our style of developing
Our customers – the commissioning parties, stakeholders and residents – and their ambitions and housing preferences determine the development process, not the other way around. We believe that mutual trust is the basis for any sustainable relationship. That is why we are in control of the entire construction process as much as possible. This allows us to achieve our mission of healthy environments for different generations.

Our drive
We have a lot of drive. Our heart beats faster for complex, inner-city projects and special transformation projects. In the city or right on the water - we know how to realize different styles of living in a relatively small area. And where once a gas works or a textile mill stood, we will create something new. With attention and respect for the identity of the place. We develop concepts and ideas in-house and enjoy the challenges of both large-scale and small-scale projects. In the city centre, on the outskirts of the city, or at expansion locations. Property and area development with both owner-occupied and rental homes is our core activity.

Our focus areas
Creating a healthy and sustainable living environment, starts with paying attention to a location or city. By gaining insight into areas, by recording stories, and by listening to what the people involved find important. With VanWonenID we develop concepts based on requests and tenders, but we also scout new locations ourselves. And bring them to the attention of municipalities and other stakeholders, so that we can get to work together. On the basis of our shared desire for a healthy, future-proof and sustainable society. Sustainable in the broadest sense: with an eye for people and the planet.

We believe that attention for customers and their needs is what should determine the further development process, not the other way around. We see area and project development as a journey that we embark on together. Whereby everyone is a customer and involved in our projects in one way or another: policymakers, architects, urban planners, local residents, potential buyers and tenants. Because through VanWonen Verhuur, with rental homes in the middle segment, we remain involved in the areas where we build, also after the lease has been signed. This concept - of developing together, participation and sustainable involvement - has been the foundation of our company since its establishment. Through dialogues from the very start, with an open and inquiring attitude, mutual trust is created. The basis for any sustainable relationship.

Our four promises

Guided by our four VanWonen promises, attention is at the basis of everything we do: