Rijn IJssel sells development site to VanWonen and Reinbouw combination

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ARNHEM – Rijn IJssel has sold the location of its school building on Thorbeckestraat in Arnhem. To this end, the parties involved signed a purchase agreement on 12 July. The combination VanWonen and Reinbouw will redevelop the location into a residential area.

A beautiful inner-city residential area with green connections. That is the starting point for the plan that VanWonen and Reinbouw are developing for Thorbeckestraat. There will be a differentiated range of housing for first-time home buyers, seniors and families. From social rental housing to medium and higher priced owner-occupied homes. With much attention for nature inclusiveness and sustainability, such as incorporating existing trees where possible.

Leaving as a good neighbour
Rijn IJssel has actively involved local residents in the future plans for the building, which is located in between the neighbourhoods Spijkerkwartier and Statenkwartier, connecting them and forming a link between them. Leaving as a ‘Good Neighbour’ is one of the goals of the relocation operation, says Rijn IJssel’s director of projects Michiel Akkersdijk. “For years, we have been a guest in the neighbourhoods we are now leaving. That’s why we want to leave our location in a good way. We have also talked with local residents on Thorbeckestraat and have involved all stakeholders in the future plans before the start of the sale. We used means like sounding board groups for this.” The municipality was also involved.

The process with the local residents lasted more than a year and resulted in preconditions which, with the approval of the neighbourhood, were laid down in the development framework ‘link between two neighbourhoods’. Within this framework, approved by the municipality of Arnhem in April, the realization of more than 170 homes is possible. Rijn IJssel will continue to use the location until February of next year. The notarial transfer will be effected in mid-October of this year.

Green, inner-city living for everyone
Bas Reinders, director of Reinbouw, is “pleased and proud to have the opportunity to realize a beautiful residential area at this special location in Arnhem, in a trusted partnership with VanWonen”. Alfred Bolks, CEO of VanWonen: “We want to make a proactive start with our plans. We know the city of Arnhem well because of our other projects, such as Het Dorp and Mandelatoren. Here too, as a ‘good future neighbour’, we want to actively involve the current and future residents in the process, as well as other stakeholders.”

ENKA campus
Rijn IJssel will use the proceeds from the sale to further develop the ENKA campus on Tivolilaan in Arnhem, the new beating heart of the educational institution. Since last year, the programmes Technology & ICT, Opportunities for Technology, Creative Industry and the International Intermediate Class have been gradually relocating to the campus. The staff departments and the Board of Governors will also have their location on the campus.

The sale of the location on Thorbeckestraat was handled on behalf of Rijn IJssel by BMV Bedrijfsmakelaars (formerly Strijbosch Thunnissen), partner in Dynamis, in cooperation with Nysingh Advocaten - Notarissen N.V. and SAB, consultants in spatial development.


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