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On behalf of area and property developer VanWonen, this week Trebbe will be starting the realization of 31 owner-occupied apartments in apartment building ‘De Kroon’ and of the adjacent 27 private sector rental apartments in Ebbingekwartier. Bouwinvest Residential Fund has acquired the rental apartments. The earthquake-proof apartment complexes are the capstone of a major inner-city area development, built on top of one of the largest car parks in the Netherlands.

Apartment complex De Kroon; space and comfort and the city at your fingertips
Apartment complex De Kroon (‘The Crown’) is built on the corner of Bloemsingel and Kolendrift. The building has nine floors with 31 luxury apartments offering a varied choice of three, four or five rooms. All apartments, in various sizes ranging from approximately 80 m2 to 310 m2, will have a (built-in) balcony/loggia and some will also have a rooftop terrace. The complex contains one of the entrances/exits (Bloemsingel entrance) and a pedestrian entrance to the underlying Boterdiep car park, which provides space for 1200 cars. Residents have access to their own private elevator inside the car park. De Kroon has been designed specifically for people who want to (continue to) live in the city, but also want to experience space and comfort.

Private rental sector as well
In a section of Ebbingekwartier that has already been completed, Bouwinvest is currently renting out 32 two- and three-room apartments in the private rental sector. Bouwinvest is adding a further 27 apartments with living spaces varying from approximately 65 m2 to 95 m2. These new rental apartments will be available for rent starting in the first quarter of 2022.

The design; with a nod towards the history
The design of the apartment complexes and the previously completed 37 ground-oriented houses, of phase 7, refer to the industrial past of the buildings that stood on the CiBoGa premises. Architecture firm DAAD Architects translated the characteristic elements of that architectural style into the designs. The architecture is cosmopolitan, robust and clean. With typical Groningen bricks, robust constructions in the overall shape and façades and beautiful masonry profiles. The 40 apartments for co-living community Ebbingehof, which are currently being realised, are also part of this final phase. The Ebbingehof foundation rents these apartments to like-minded people of over 50 years of age, who live and work independently in these apartments, as well as together. These apartments have been developed in consultation with and for the Ebbingehof foundation.

De Kroon, the crowning glory of Ebbingekwartier
“De Kroon really adds the finishing touch to Ebbingekwartier,” says Urbain van het Erve, Project Developer at VanWonen. “The completion of this complex development gives a feeling of pride, and I am very curious about the result after the handover. A very nice development in consultation and cooperation with many stakeholders. And a prominent addition to the city, in my opinion.” Marjolein Jongerius, Sales Manager at VanWonen: “Groningen has embraced Ebbingekwartier. There is strong interest in urban housing. Especially at a location like this, near the historic city centre, and in a place with a unique history. We still have some apartments available, really the very last chance to find a home in Ebbingekwartier.”

Mark Jaspers, Project Manager at Trebbe: “The preparation phase with all the development partners went well. We had to realize an iconic plan in the middle of the city, with logistic challenges, and earthquake-proof as well. That requires close cooperation and solid craftsmanship.”

Final phase
The realisation of the apartments forms part of a large-scale and multi-year area development in Ebbingekwartier that VanWonen has developed in cooperation with partners, such as the Municipality of Groningen, DAAD Architects, Moriko Kira Architects, the Ebbingehof Foundation, developing builder Trebbe, Bouwinvest, abtWassenaar, Nieman and ITBB. Ebbingekwartier was built in various phases and over several years, and consists of a highly varied mix of building styles and housing types.

Handover of the owner-occupied apartments is expected at the end of 2022. There are still some apartments available in De Kroon. At the end of next month, VanWonen, together with the municipality of Groningen and Trebbe, will host a festive moment for the new residents of De Kroon to celebrate the start of the construction.

More information:
Sales: http://www.woneninhetebbingekwartier.nl
Rentals: http://www.wonenbijbouwinvest.nl

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