First stone laid at construction site of new build project De Kernhemer in Ede

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On Thursday 8 July, the official opening ceremony took place for the construction of new build project De Kernhemer in Ede. This project is part of the new housing estate Kernhem on the north side of Ede. Richard te Vaarwerk, technical director of Van Campen Bouwgroep, and Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s director of Property Development, laid the first stone to mark the official start of construction. The construction work on the site has been in progress for some time, but due to the Corona virus it was not possible to have an official ‘start of construction’ moment at an earlier stage. The moment, including a short speech by alderman Peter de Pater of the municipality of Ede, was videotaped. The future residents will receive this video at home, together with a surprise package, so they can toast to a successful construction project. As soon as it will be possible in light of Covid-19, the future residents will be invited for a get-together at the construction site.  

Development Combination Kernhem
Richard te Vaarwerk, technical director of Van Campen Bouwgroep: “Together with VanWonen we have recently developed “De Kernhemer" and it is great to see how a virtual project is evolving into a beautiful housing estate. In the mid-90s our company bought this land with the aim of building homes here one day. The basis for our partnership with VanWonen was established at the end of the last century and we work together under the name “Ontwikkel Combinatie Kernhem” (Development Combination Kernhem).

Mireille Jeurnink, director of Property Development at VanWonen: “There was tremendous interest in this project. We received over a thousand registrations for ‘only’ twenty-eight homes. A great compliment that so many people are eager to live here.”

New construction in accordance with the customer’s wishes
From the start of the project, the future residents are involved in the development and realization of their new home. That is what makes new build project De Kernhemer so remarkable and special. The future residents lend a unique identity to their new home at De Kernhemer by communicating their personal wishes and preferences. These are (largely) adopted and incorporated into the construction of the houses. Six semi-detached houses, eight end-of-terrace houses (some with a garage) and fourteen mid-terrace houses will be developed. Some of these will be owner-occupied homes in an affordable housing programme.

De Kernhemer is part of the new housing estate Kernhem, a neighbourhood designed with plenty of space for nature in mind. About a quarter of the total area will consist of natural landscape elements. A combination of nature and recreational functions is planned for the entire neighbourhood, enabling residents to fully enjoy the natural world. New build project De Kernhemer is expected to be completed as from the fourth quarter of 2021.

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