Hart van de Waalsprong: construction of the blocks Alver and Crevas has started

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Development combination Hart van de Waalsprong, a joint project of area developers AM and VanWonen, has officially started the construction of 155 homes in the Alver and Crevas blocks. To mark the start of construction, Nijmegen alderman Noël Vergunst, together with Janssen de Jong Bouw, kick-started the building process by placing the first floor slab. The future residents were present to celebrate this memorable moment.

The development site covers a total of six hectares and offers space for 11,900 m² of facilities and 500 homes. Today marks the start of the Alver and Crevas sub-plans. This means that all three sub-plans on the Graaf Alardsingel are now in progress, a total of 155 homes of various types and in different price categories: from social housing to rental and owner-occupied homes. Alkin Kemperman, director of Janssen de Jong Bouw Oost: “This is a very special project for us because we can really show our craftsmanship here.” Thijs Huis in het Veld, project director of Hart van de Waalsprong, is visibly proud: “We are off to a great start here in creating a very sustainable and healthy neighbourhood.”

Sustainable sharing
The ambition is to make Hart van de Waalsprong the first energy-neutral shopping centre in the Netherlands by using solar panels and solar pergolas, and by creating innovative bioswales, public gardens, green roofs and water features. “Also, together with the future residents, we are taking a step towards more sustainable mobility by providing shared electric cars,” adds René Steman, project director of Hart van de Waalsprong.   

Inspiration for the future
During the kick-off of the construction, a time capsule was filled with stories and photos of the future residents. The capsule was subsequently buried in their neighbourhood. The completion of the homes is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.


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