Final phase of new housing project Seahorse has started

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The final construction phase of the Seahorse new housing project in Hengelo has officially started. Alderman Gerard Gerrits, Maarten Droste of Droste Bouwgroep and Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen Director of Property Development, placed the first slab for the ground floor. The subsequent toasting moment marked the start of the construction of 58 homes. For various target groups: from owner-occupied to rental homes, for the younger generation to senior citizens. And with much attention going to space and greenery.   

In the presence of enthusiastic future residents, the floor slab was successfully placed. Alderman Gerard Gerrits: “This large site has a rich industrial textile past. And now it’s being turned into a beautiful neighbourhood. From industry to housing, a good transformation. Because of the striking saw-tooth roofs, the memory of the past is preserved. And, very important, there will be a wide variety of new homes for the people of Hengelo.”

Reuse and sustainability
Across the Seahorse site, there will be 110 homes of many different types; the last 58 of these homes are now under construction. “The majority of the homes will be energy neutral, in accordance with the ‘zero on the meter’ principle. Materials are also reused: some of the debris from the demolished factory has been used to make a base layer for the streets in the area. The history of the textile industry served as a connecting thread in the development of this neighbourhood. This is reflected in both the architecture and the public space. And a green neighbourhood is also being created here, because our customers requested this at an early stage. There will be many trees, flowers and other vegetation, and bioswales will take care of the water management in the neighbourhood,” adds Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s director of Property Development.

During the construction kick-off event, the future residents met their new neighbours. They also had the opportunity to have their picture taken with their new street sign. It is expected that the homes will be completed in the first half of 2023.

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