Interview | “New housing estate Seahorse absolute sustainability leader in Twente”

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Interview with Tom Munter in Dutch magazine Bouwen in het Oosten (“Building in the East”). The old factory site of the textile mill Koninklijke Weefgoederen Fabriek in Hengelo is currently being transformed into a characteristic, green and high-quality housing estate with 110 sustainable homes. Nine of these are built on lots for custom homes (independent construction). The remaining 101 homes are built by Droste Bouwgroep, also from Hengelo. VanWonen is the developer of this ambitious project.

Tom Munter, development manager at VanWonen, Maarten Droste, director of Droste Bouwgroep, and project leader Vincent Brefeld unanimously agree that this project named ‘Seahorse’ is a fantastic development for the municipality of Hengelo: “The transformation of this area of five hectares into a sustainable housing estate is the epitome of urban development. The location is also ideal, close to the city centre and arterial roads. The neighbourhood has a spacious layout and the future residents can enjoy a green environment. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in living here. That’s also because all the target groups are catered for; from first-time home buyers to senior citizens, even with vacant lots, for those who want to build their own dream home.”

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