Collaboration agreement for construction of Stadshavens

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The construction of Stadshavens is one step closer. The municipality of Groningen, housing associations Lefier and Nijestee, and developers VanWonen, BPD and VolkerWessels Vastgoed have reached agreement on a proposed collaboration for the construction of this new district. It involves the construction of 2,400 homes and 30,000 m2 of commercial and social business space alongside the canal Eemskanaal, in the eastern part of the city of Groningen. The bench of Mayor and Aldermen has decided in favour of the proposed collaboration. If the other parties also agree, the collaboration agreement can be signed.

Optimal living environment

Once the decision-making process is completed, the parties will enter into a long-term commitment to develop Stadshavens together. The parties have made agreements on how they will jointly create an optimal living environment. In addition to the construction of housing, the agreements concern the design of the public space, the transformation of Damsterdiep into a green city avenue, and the construction of a ‘harbour park’. For this, over 100 million euro has been budgeted, writes the bench of Mayor and Aldermen in the council proposal. All parties will contribute to this. The bench of Mayor and Alderman has asked the city council to approve the municipal financial contribution to the project.

Owner-occupied and rental homes

The parties want to transform Stadshavens into a pleasant and lively area for living, working and recreating. There will be owner-occupied and rental homes for all income groups. Fifteen percent (360 homes) will be social housing and ten percent (240 homes) mid-priced rental housing. “The new district will be sustainable, gas-free and climate-proof,” says alderman Roeland van der Schaaf. “Together we are investing in roads, bicycle paths and footpaths, quays and squares. We will also create a lot of green space. It will be a low-traffic area.” With the development of Stadshavens, Groningen is meeting the huge demand for new, affordable homes.


The procedures for the environmental plan and the Environmental Impact Assessment (MER) will start before the summer. Local residents, businesses and stakeholders will be informed about them and will be given the opportunity to respond. If all procedures go according to plan, the first shovel will hit the ground in 2024. Stadshavens will be developed in phases, from west to east. For more information, please visit

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