Festive start of construction of De Appelboom in Leek

News item, Area and Property Development

Today, the start of the construction of De Appelboom project in Leek kicked off festively. Alderman Geertje Dijkstra-Jacobi of the Westerkwartier municipality symbolically laid the first stone. The future residents of the 14 spacious single-family homes met each other and drank a toast to their new home. De Appelboom (which translates to ‘The Apple Tree’) is a small-scale, green and sustainable addition to the Oostindie new housing estate in Leek.

A toast with the new residents
The flags were hoisted and everyone drank a toast to the construction of this beautiful project. The new residents met and got to know each other. Geertje Dijkstra-Jacobi, alderman for Housing Projects: “Oostindie remains an attractive neighbourhood to live in. The construction of this project, De Appelboom, clearly fulfils a need for housing. I wish the builders a successful construction project and the new residents much happiness living in this beautiful, green location.”

Sustainable homes: green, gas-free and energy-efficient“After previous housing projects such as In de Boog and Oud Hollands Leek, De Appelboom is the cherry on the cake of the new housing development we are realising in this neighbourhood. In the plan, there is a strong focus on a green and healthy living environment. This also means that the homes we build are gas-free, sustainable and energy-efficient,” says André ten Vergert, VanWonen Director.

De Appelboom: 14 new homes in Leek
The De Appelboom project consists of 14 homes on the streets Knip and Appelboom; they will be built on the site of the former temporary school building. In this green neighbourhood, eight semi-detached houses and a block with two spacious end-of-terrace houses and four spacious mid-terrace houses will be built. The construction of the 14 spacious single-family dwellings already started in December, without a festive moment due to the Coronavirus measures that were in place at the time. The architecture is in a typical Dutch style with brick combinations and playful façade variations with sash windows, bay windows, gable roofs and Old Dutch facing bricks. “These homes are an architectural nod to the adjacent project Oud Hollands (‘Old Dutch’). We started the construction in December and hope to complete the homes in early 2023,” says Henk Troost, director of contracting firm Dons en Troost.