Celebration of start energy-neutral shopping centre and homes in Hart van de Waalsprong, Nijmegen

News item, Area and Property Development

The Hart van de Waalsprong area development in Nijmegen is buzzing with activity. The construction of the energy-neutral shopping centre and the first homes is in full swing. Today, developer combination Hart van de Waalsprong, a collaboration of area developers AM and VanWonen, celebrated the start of construction of the central blocks (Donk and Elft) in the future beating heart of the Waalsprong. Home buyers and other stakeholders joined in the celebration. The Donk and Elft project features a variety of rental and owner-occupied apartments in different price categories, as well as 9,283 m2 of commercial space for Albert Heijn and Aldi supermarkets, and other retailers. 

Official ceremony
During the official ceremony, Thijs Huis in het Veld (project director of Hart van de Waalsprong) and Paul Cats (management of Dura Vermeer) toasted to the construction progress and unveiled a tree, which will later be added to the parking deck of the blocks. While enjoying refreshments, the future residents got to know each other and afterwards received a give-away from retailers Albert Heijn and Aldi and from Hart van de Waalsprong. The construction workers were treated to a BBQ on this special day.

The central square with the Donk and Elft blocks
The work on the Donk and Elft subplans had already started at the end of last year. With the ease of the COVID-related restrictions, this milestone can now be officially celebrated. Earlier last year, construction also started on the Alver, Bliek and Crevas subplans in the new district, with a total of 155 homes. The Donk building will house 69 private rental sector apartments and 32 owner-occupied apartments, along with 4,641 m2 of commercial space. Of the apartments in the Elft building, 51 will be for social housing, 21 for the private rental sector, and there will be 49 owner-occupied apartments, as well as 4,642 m2 of commercial space. Architectural firm De Zwarte Hond designed the buildings. The construction is handled by Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo.

The 90 private rental sector apartments were purchased by investor Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance, and the 51 social housing apartments by housing association Talis. The apartments will be available for rent in 2023. 

Around 75 percent of the owner-occupied flats has been sold. Prices of the owner-occupied apartments that are still available start at €449,500.

The shopping centre was purchased by Hans Geveling. The leasing process for the retail units is in full swing and at this moment 70% has been let. For more information on leasing opportunities, please visit the website www.hartvandewaalsprong.nl.

Energy-neutral and future-proof shopping and living
The energy-neutral shopping centre consists of six blocks. The majority of the shops will be located around the lively shopping square and along the so-called fresh food alley. A striking building designed by Monadnock architects, offering retail on the ground floor, marks the entrance to the shopping centre on the Graaf Alardsingel street. On the Watersingel (near the canal) on the south side, there is a small catering facility aimed at passing cyclists and pedestrians recreating in the area of Hart van de Waalsprong. The lively shopping square offers various alfresco cafés and a water element in which children can play. Two of the main attractions of the shopping centre are located on this square: the supermarkets Albert Heijn (full-service) and ALDI (discounter). Between the two supermarkets, there will be a fresh food alley with local specialty shops, such as a bakery, butcher, and fishmonger.

Energy-neutral living is the norm in Hart van de Waalsprong. The homes are designed sustainably, so that they last a long time and their impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. The choices made in terms of allotment, solar orientation, construction method and material use ensure that the residents can enjoy comfortable and future-proof homes. Homes that meet todays’ high energy standards, contribute substantially to a lower energy demand. The homes in Hart van de Waalsprong vary from urban villas to lofts and from apartments to town houses. The homes are located in several residential blocks, each with a name that refers to the flora, fauna or landscape elements in the Waal river basin. There is also a strong focus on climate adaptation and nature, circular construction, and shared cars and electric vehicles.