Festive start of construction project ‘In de Luwte’ in Drachten

News item, Area and Property Development

On Friday afternoon, alderman Robin Hartogh Heys of De Lier symbolically gave the go-ahead for the construction of the next 40 homes in the In de Luwte project on the Drachtstervaart canal. This concerns 20 terraced houses and 20 semi-detached and detached houses. The future residents toasted to a bright future on the Drachtstervaart.

Time capsule with future wishes
With the burial of a time capsule, the alderman gave the symbolic go-ahead for the construction. The time capsule contains an official certificate signed by the parties involved, as well as future wishes of the new residents and children’s drawings.

Alderman Robin Hartogh Heys: “The municipality of Smallingerland is very pleased that this project has helped many people in Drachten to find a new home. These new builds, with their great diversity, are beautifully situated in relation to the town centre and give direct access to the Frisian lakes.”

Healthy and sustainable living on the waterfront
With In de Luwte, VanWonen is creating a sustainable and healthy new living environment where the experience of the seasons and the water are attractive features. Almost all the houses are located on the waterfront or look out over the water. On all three islands in the project playgrounds will be created, which are designed from the perspective of the area’s history. VanWonen will mark these playgrounds as no-smoking zones. Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s Director of Property Development, explains: “We believe that all children should be able to play and grow up in a healthy, and therefore smoke-free environment. That is why we have just partnered up with the Smoke-Free Generation initiative. These playgrounds in Drachtstervaart are the first smoke-free zones we are realizing. It’s part of our VanWonen mission: creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations.”