VanWonen starts partnership with Reasult

News item, Area and Property Development

On Wednesday, at real estate fair Provada, area developer VanWonen signed a partnership agreement with Reasult, developer of software for financial analysis and forecasting. By doing so, VanWonen has opted for the Reasult software solution.

VanWonen has decided to partner up with Reasult because of the increased size of its project portfolio and the growing complexity and scope of its projects. Furthermore, reporting and accountability are becoming increasingly important. Chris Stam, VanWonen’s Chief Financial Officer explains: “In just five years’ time, VanWonen has grown from 12 to 65 employees. This requires professional software that supports the financial process. Our team of project developers will be using the Reasult software to prepare and maintain the operating statements. The direct links to our financial administration will enable us to keep a real-time grip on all projects. This is another important step in improving our project management. And as such we are well-prepared for VanWonen’s growth ambitions.”

Walter Wind, Sales Director of Reasult adds: “We have been engaged in conversations with VanWonen for some time and are very pleased that they have decided to go with Reasult. Our solution gives VanWonen insight into costs, revenues, cash flow, results, returns and risks. Both at the project and portfolio level. I look forward to our collaboration, we are pleased to have been given the opportunity to support VanWonen in their further growth.”