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Provada 2022 is behind us. With a new exhibition stand and a substantive three-day programme, we were more visible than ever. Let’s look back at the highlights.

Panel discussion led by Sander Schimmelpenninck
The first day of the fair started with a panel discussion on area development under NAP. Panel guests Adriaan Geuze, Friso de Zeeuw, Jeannette Nijkamp, and Alfred Bolks gave their views, with Sander Schimmelpenninck hosting the discussion. How can we make healthy choices for future generations? With rising sea levels, is it responsible to build in areas below NAP? The discussion yielded interesting perspectives and concrete and pragmatic solutions. This topical theme with expert speakers attracted many visitors and resulted in a full stand.  

Impression of the successful panel discussion during Provada 2022.

Healthiest generations reinforced
The partnership for the healthiest generations was reinforced with three partners: Dutch Green Building Council, Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij (Dutch movement to create a smoke-free generation), and the professor in Healthy Cities at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. At the VanWonen stand, a discussion was held about the joint contribution to a healthy living environment. 
Miranda Venekamp-Brandt, VanWonen Director of Marketing, Sales & Rental Operations, explains: “As an area developer, we are fully committed to working towards the healthiest generations. Because of our key role in the physical domain, we can make it happen. We are working on this together with our partners and in consultation with residents, so that all generations can live smoke-free, and children can grow up and play in a healthy environment.”

The partnership was reinforced with, from left to right: Dewi Segaar (Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij), Miranda Venekamp-Brandt (VanWonen), Annemarie van Doorn (DGBC), Jeannette Nijkamp (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Alfred Bolks (VanWonen), and Marcel de Ruiter (VanWonen). 

Area development in the province of Overijssel
With Evelien Bosch as their host, André ten Vergert (VanWonen), Gerdien Rots (municipality of Zwolle), Gerard Gerrits (municipality of Hengelo), Monique van Haaf (Province of Overijssel), and Corine Flendrie - van der Schoot (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) discussed ‘Innovative area development in Overijssel’. Where collaboration leads to connection and acceleration. “This is a good example of integrated area development: together with the municipality, province and market parties, we have started to work in a transparent way on projects such as Spoorzone in Zwolle and Lange Wemen in Hengelo,” says VanWonen Director André ten Vergert.  

Meet & Greet with professionals from the field
Students were given the opportunity to learn everything about VanWonen’s ambitions, and how these ambitions translate to the different jobs at VanWonen. With stand-up demos and personal stories, students learnt about the work of project developers, sales managers, and customer managers. 

A toast to our partnerships 
Provada 2022 was the perfect occasion to officially, and in a festive atmosphere, sign several partnership agreements. We raise our glasses to our partnerships with:     
PHB Deventer B.V. at Park Nova in Deventer, for the development of Park Nova in Deventer;
Partnership with Reasult, thanks to their financial software solution;
Construction company Van Grunsven at Mandelatoren in Arnhem, for the construction of Mandelatoren in Arnhem.
Schutte Bouw at Besteburen in Zwolle, for the realisation of Besteburen in the Tippe in Zwolle. 

VanWonen is very pleased to be working with these partners, which will ensure the smooth development and completion of the construction projects. 

We can look back on a rewarding and inspiring edition of Provada. See you next year! 

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