Celebration of start of construction 60 homes in ‘De Smaaktuin’ in Barneveld

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On Monday afternoon, alderman Bennie Wijnne symbolically gave the go-ahead for the construction of new-build project De Smaaktuin in Barneveld. The project consists of 52 ground-oriented houses and an apartment complex with 8 units. All 60 homes have been sold. The future residents toasted to a bright future in their new neighbourhood.

With the placement of a floor slab, alderman Wijnne gave the official kick-off signal for the construction. De Smaaktuin is located on the west side of the new Bloemendal neighbourhood in Barneveld. Alderman Bennie Wijnne: “As a municipality, we are very pleased that this project has helped many people in Barneveld find a new home. The diversity of homes in De Smaaktuin offers something for everyone.”

Sustainable and healthy living
All homes in De Smaaktuin will be energy-neutral: well-insulated, heated and cooled with air-to-water heat pumps, and equipped with a large number of solar panels. Rainwater infiltration will take place locally, where possible. Each house will also be provided with a rain barrel for the garden. And nesting boxes for bats, house sparrows and swallows will be mounted on the outer walls. VanWonen director André ten Vergert: “With De Smaaktuin, we are adding a sustainable, low-energy and future-proof housing development to Barneveld. The neighbourhood is beautifully situated, surrounded by nature. It will be a great and healthy place to live.”
Richard te Vaarwerk, Technical Director of Van Campen Bouwgroep, adds: “We are proud of the beautiful houses and apartments we are building as part of this project. De Smaaktuin is a colourful project with a sleek design and a lot of variation in the brickwork.”

Varied range of house types
There will be a wide variety of homes in De Smaaktuin. Apartments, end-of-terrace and mid-terrace houses, semi-detached and detached houses. Prices range from €230.000 to €755.000. All houses and apartments have been sold by now.
It is expected that phase 1 of De Smaaktuin will be completed by the end of this year. The timeline for phase 2 is not yet known.

Bloemendal in Barneveld
The new Bloemendal housing estate will feature seven different ‘residential atmospheres’ which designs have been inspired by the existing landscape. On the west side (Nijkerkerweg), elongated green spaces will alternate with residential areas. On the east side, there are a lot of wooded banks and the small scale rural character with its traditional farmyards is maintained. In a nutshell, a neighbourhood where a variety of housing styles are being developed. In the coming period, the municipality of Barneveld will expand to about 70,000 inhabitants, in part due to the new Bloemendal neighbourhood that will provide about 1,500 homes. 

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