Crevas block in Hart van de Waalsprong, Nijmegen, reaches highest point

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On Monday afternoon, development combination Hart van de Waalsprong, a partnership of area developers AM and VanWonen, together with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, celebrated a key construction milestone, with the Crevas apartment building reaching its highest point. The new building will contain 30 ‘ultra low-energy’ rental apartments with an average usable floor area of 58 m2 and two commercial spaces with a total floor area of 375 m2. For the occasion, two 15-metre high scaffolding tarps were unveiled.

The scaffolding tarps were ceremonially unveiled by René Steman, VanWonen project director for Hart van de Waalsprong and by Olaf Bakkers, Regional Manager Acquisition South-East and Herald Besselink, Development Manager, both on behalf of Syntrus Achmea. All employees of Janssen De Jong Bouw who are working on the construction site, were thanked for their hard work and treated to goodies.

Crevas building in Hart Van De Waalsprong
The Crevas building, designed by Monadnock architects, is situated on the corner of Graaf Alardsingel and Theo Dobbestraat and marks the entrance to the new city centre (the heart of the new town) in a very special way. A red heart has been incorporated into the light-coloured brick façade. At this specific location, the route to all the shops, homes and amenities (and parking facilities) will also be marked. The building has five floors, each with six apartments, on top of a commercial plinth on the ground floor where providers of health care services and sports facilities will be located.

“The Crevas building is one of the three blocks, with a total of 119 very energy-efficient apartments, in Hart van de Waalsprong that we can add to the investment portfolio of our client, PME pension fund. With these sustainable homes, we will make many people who are looking for a home happy: families, first-time home buyers, students, elderly people, and people with special housing needs. These homes are also a valuable investment for participants in the pension fund,” says Olaf Bakkers, Regional Manager Acquisition South-East at Syntrus Achmea.

“Now that the Crevas block has reached its highest point, Hart van de Waalsprong is really beginning to take shape. We are proud of the varied and complete programme we are offering here with a very differentiated range of owner-occupied houses and apartments, 119 private rental sector homes and 101 social homes,” says René Steman, VanWonen project director for Hart van de Waalsprong.

Hart van de Waalsprong
Hart van de Waalsprong is located in the Hof van Holland district. This new district of Nijmegen North is conveniently located between Spiegelwaal, Graaf Alardsingel, and the railway. Hart van de Waalsprong is the heart of the Waalsprong (the area in Nijmegen north of the river Waal) for living and shopping. It is easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport (the train station of Lent is within walking distance). Hart van de Waalsprong is also close to the river Waal, the floodplains, and the city centre of Nijmegen. Hart van de Waalsprong will feature 500 owner-occupied and rental homes (including 101 social housing apartments), and over 35 retail units, including inviting cafes and restaurants. The new neighbourhood has a distinctive character due to its visible sustainability, its water and greenery, exciting urban architecture, and the prominent central square.

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