Start of construction celebration for 86 homes in Breezicht Noord, Zwolle

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On Tuesday afternoon, alderman Monique Schuttenbeld symbolically gave the go-ahead for the construction of 86 homes in Breezicht Noord in Zwolle. It concerns 37 houses in the Wierde neighbourhood and 49 houses in the Beemd neighbourhood. The homes, which have all been sold, are a mix of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and detached houses. All homes are zero-energy and are located in a climate-proof neighbourhood. Customers actively contributed ideas for the design of the homes.

Start of construction with living sand sculptures 
Under the watchful eye of living sand sculptures and accompanied by a live percussion act, the first shovels of sand were symbolically put into the cement mixer by Monique Schuttenbeld, alderman of Zwolle, VanWonen Director Mireille Jeurnink and Berend Jan van der Steeg, Director of Van der Steeg Ontwikkelen en Bouwen. After the official start of construction, the future residents had the opportunity to get to know each other and share their first experiences. The alderman congratulated the residents on their new build homes: “As a municipality, we are very pleased that once again many people have found a beautiful and sustainable home in Breezicht Noord, in a green environment. It will be some time before they can move in, but I wish all the buyers much happiness in their new homes.” 

Sustainable and climate-proof neighbourhood
Sustainability is a central focus in the development of the houses in Breezicht. Hence, all homes are zero-energy. The neighbourhood itself will also be low-energy. All electricity for the public space, such as for street lighting and sewage pump systems, will be generated by solar installations. And when it rains, excess water will be guided to a central pond via watercourses, bioswales and green zones. This ‘water buffer’ serves as a reserve for periods of drought and heat waves.
Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s Director of Property Development, explains: “In several areas in Breezicht, the bioswales are clearly visible. After heavy rainfall, children can play there in fresh clean water. And during periods when it doesn’t rain, the bioswales will dry up again. This water management system not only makes Breezicht climate-proof, it also creates a unique look and atmosphere in the neighbourhood. And that is part of our VanWonen mission: creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations.”
Berend Jan van der Steeg, Director of Van der Steeg: “We are proud of this beautiful project in collaboration with VanWonen. We are building zero-energy and gas-free homes here, in a green neighbourhood. From the first draft, we have actively brainstormed in the construction team; our knowledge and expertise has been incorporated into the designs of architect Zaak van NN.” 

Breezicht Noord planning 
The completion of the houses in Wierde and Beemd will take place in phases. The completion of the first homes is expected to be in the first quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, area developer VanWonen will start the presale for the two adjacent subareas in Breezicht Noord, namely Reede and De Terpen, in a few weeks’ time. This development concerns 115 homes in the Reede neighbourhood; a mix of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and detached houses. And 17 detached houses in the De Terpen neighbourhood.

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