Owners’ coalition in Zwolle for area concept plan Noorderkwartier

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On Tuesday afternoon 1 November, the municipality of Zwolle, the Central Government Real Estate Agency, VanWonen, Lenferink Group and DLH Ontwikkeling (VolkerWessels) signed a letter of intent for the Noorderkwartier plan area in Zwolle. As an owners’ coalition, these five parties will work together to develop an area concept plan. The Noorderkwartier is adjacent to Zwolle’s city centre and will be transformed into an area where people can live, work and enjoy culture. There is room for 500 to 800 homes. Alderwoman Monique Schuttenbeld signed on behalf of the municipality of Zwolle: Urban planning firm West8 from Rotterdam has been commissioned to draw up the area concept plan.

Noorderkwartier is an area of about 14.5 hectares and borders Vermeerstraat, Eikenstraat, Van Wevelinkhovenstraat, Burgemeester Drijbersingel, Menno van Coehoornsingel, Assiesstraat, Dijkstraat and Rembrandtlaan. Characteristic of the area are the nationally renowned venues that are located here: Theatre De Spiegel, pop podium Hedon and Michelin-starred restaurant De Librije. The mixed residential-work-culture area will feature high-quality public spaces, many amenities and 500-800 homes, and offers an attractive business climate for young talent. 

Together for the best plan 
The five parties in the owners’ coalition hold various land and property positions within the Noorderkwartier. These may eventually change to other types of use, zoning and/or development. Instead of separate sub-plans, they have agreed to develop the area integrally. The ambition is to make the best plan together, without restrictions from current ownership relations. Together with West 8, a coherent vision for the area will be created. This should lead to the best, integrally thought-out development of the planning area: the newly defined area concept plan for the Noorderkwartier. The parties will follow the planning process of the Zwolle method of area development. Prior to the construction, the parties want to invest in temporary and permanent placemaking to put Noorderkwartier on the map within and outside Zwolle.

21 November information and participation evening 
The Noorderkwartier area development will take about ten years. On 21 November, the first information evening will be organised in Hedon. Anyone who has an interest in the area is invited to discuss the basic ideas and possibilities together. The information evening starts at 7:30 p.m. More information: https://jouwstukjezwolle.nl/noorderkwartier (Dutch only).

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