Highest point Donk and Elft in the heart of Hart van de Waalsprong Nijmegen

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Developer combination Hart van de Waalsprong, a collaboration of area developers AM and VanWonen, is celebrating that the highest point has been reached of the two main central blocks (Donk and Elft) in the new Hart van de Waalsprong shopping centre in Nijmegen.  Alderman John Brom, together with contractor Dura Vermeer, corporate clients Hans Geveling Vastgoed, housing association Talis and Syntrus Achmea, and the new tenants of the project, performed the official ceremony on the new town square of the shopping centre.

Harm Wingens, manager at Dura Vermeer: ‘Building the new heart for the Waalsprong where people can enjoy their homes, shopping and life for generations to come; this is a wonderful project for us at Dura Vermeer. The solid connection we have enjoyed during the process with the construction team has ensured that we are on schedule and can now celebrate reaching the highest point!’

Thijs Huis in het Veld, project director of Hart van de Waalsprong: ‘Now that we have topped out the most important part of the heart of Nijmegen North, we have made an important step. We are not only delivering a complete range of facilities, but also a unique level of sustainability.’

Energy-neutral and future-proof shopping
The lively Oranje Marieplein square forms the heart of the shopping area. On this square, two shops in particular attract retail shoppers: the supermarkets AH-XL (full-service) and ALDI (discounter). It recently became known that HEMA, coffee bar Bairro Alto, Etos, Gall & Gall and Sound & Soul foodbar have also signed as tenants and will set up shop in the first energy-neutral shopping centre in the Netherlands.

Energy-neutral shopping is the norm in Hart van de Waalsprong. The energy required for the shopping centre will, as far as possible, be generated on site and sustainably. The solar roof on the Bliek multi-storey car park provides space for over 1,200 PV panels that provide the shopping centre and the local residents with a direct supply of green electricity. Local energy cooperative Buren van Bliek will manage the solar roof. The district heating network of Vattenfall will also be used. The recent contracting is in line with the aim to realise a mix of sustainable national and local parties.

Hart van de Waalsprong
Hart van de Waalsprong is located in the Hof van Holland district. This new district of Nijmegen North is conveniently located between Spiegelwaal, Graaf Allardsingel, and the railway. Hart van de Waalsprong is the heart of the Waalsprong (the area in Nijmegen north of the river Waal) for living and shopping. It is easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport (the train station of Lent is within walking distance). In addition to the shopping centre, Hart van de Waalsprong will feature 504 owner-occupied and rental homes (including 101 social housing apartments), and over 30 retail units, including inviting cafes and restaurants. The new neighbourhood has a distinctive character due to its sustainability, water and greenery, and exciting urban architecture.

The first part of the shopping centre will be handed over to the retail owners at the end of 2023. The first residents of Hart van de Waalsprong have received the keys to their new homes. All homes and commercial facilities in Hart van de Waalsprong are expected to be handed over by the end of 2024. For more information, please visit www.hartvandewaalsprong.nl.

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