27 apartments Ebbingekwartier handed over to Bouwinvest Residential Fund

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The Ebbingekwartier in Groningen is nearing its completion. Today, builder Trebbe and area developer VanWonen handed over 27 private rental sector apartments to Bouwinvest Residential Fund. The apartments are spread over six storeys and have living areas ranging from 65 m2 to 95 m2. The complex was built to withstand earthquakes and sits on top of the largest single-storey underground car park in the Netherlands. All 27 homes have now been rented out.

After a construction period of just over two years, Trebbe has completed the apartment complex and has handed it over to Bouwinvest Residential Fund. “There is a structural housing shortage in the Netherlands. An increasing number of people have difficulty finding a home, which certainly includes young people. These homes are very suitable for people who wish to stay in the city of Groningen, such as young people who have completed their studies,” says Michiel de Bruine, Director Dutch Residential Investments.

The grand finale
Ebbingekwartier was built in various phases and over several years, and consists of a highly varied mix of building styles and housing types. In addition to the complex for the Bouwinvest Residential Fund, Trebbe is also building apartment complex De Kroon. This building has nine floors featuring 31 luxury owner-occupied apartments in a wide range, and is expected to be completed before the summer holidays. 

Geert Klein Lebbink, deputy managing director at Trebbe, is proud of the milestone: ‘Step by step, we are getting closer to the completion of Ebbingekwartier. From day one, Ebbingekwartier has proved to be a challenging project. It required all our expertise and organisational strength. But thanks to the commitment and teamwork of all involved, we have pulled it off and it will be wonderful here. Here, we are building happiness together.’ 

Design with a nod towards the past
The design of the apartment complexes for Bouwinvest and De Kroon refer to the industrial past of the buildings that stood on the CiBoGa premises. DAAD Architects translated the characteristic elements of that architectural style into the designs. The architecture is cosmopolitan, robust and sleek. With typical Groningen bricks, robust constructions in the overall shape and façades, and beautiful masonry profiles.

Mireille Jeurnink, Director of Property Development at VanWonen: ‘We have transformed Ebbingekwartier into a car-free, green and healthy residential area. So that children can play safely in the streets and the residents can meet each other in the courtyards, alleys, roof gardens, or in the shared enclosed gardens. The many green spaces make the neighbourhood climate-proof. The cosy atmosphere and the many pedestrian connections to the cultural amenities, cafes and restaurants (all within walking distance), turn Ebbingekwartier in a place where you get the best of both worlds.’

Ebbingekwartier is a healthy, cultural and innovative residential area, built on the site of the
former gasworks complex at the Boterdiep canal in Groningen. A diversity of people already lives here, at the location of the former Circus, Boden and Gas site – CiBoGa site for short – at the head of Oosterhamrikkade, in unusual architecture. The preserved monumental industrial buildings are a source of inspiration. This creates a unique mix of unfading history and a highly urban character in Ebbingekwartier. The inner-city area development is located at a stone’s throw from Oosterhamrikkade, where VanWonen is starting a new development. 

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