The municipality of Eindhoven and VanWonen sign for next step Vierlander

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On Wednesday 14 June, at the real estate fair Provada, Eindhoven alderman Stijn Steenbakkers and Alfred Bolks of area developer VanWonen signed a letter of intent for the development of Vierlander. With this, VanWonen and the municipality of Eindhoven are taking the next step towards a definitive anterior agreement (agreement on cost recovery) for the development of approximately 280 homes on the Fellenoord in Eindhoven.

Vierlander is part of Eindhoven Internationale KnoopXL, the large-scale area development around Eindhoven Central Station. It is one of the first large-scale housing projects in Fellenoord, on the north side of the station. Vierlander is characterised by the high proportion of affordable homes in the social and middle segment. All homes in the project will be put in the rental segment for which an early partnership has been established with a dark green sustainable investment fund.

Alderman Stijn Steenbakkers (area development KnoopXL and Brainport): “KnoopXL is to become a vibrant new district where different target groups can enjoy living, working and meeting each other. All the plans are there on paper, and we have to get to work now. Vierlander is an important and concrete project in the area that has to take flight. With this housing programme, the project makes a valuable contribution to the number of affordable homes we desperately need and it also connects the inner city and the neighbourhoods around Kruistraat. We are making strides in KnoopXL and that is good news.” 

Icon on the new city boulevard
Vierlander provides scope for a progressive housing concept that enhances social cohesion by facilitating places where people can meet each other. With this, it also ties in with current developments in the Eindhoven housing market. Vierlander, designed by Mecanoo, will also be a sustainable icon for the city. In the design for the building and the surrounding grounds, the highest standards in terms of social sustainability, energy consumption and energy generation, climate, biodiversity and use of materials are used. 

Alfred Bolks, CEO of VanWonen, is proud: “VanWonen is the first area developer to receive an ESG Score. The development of Vierlander is in perfect alignment with our ESG goals. With this, we make affordable housing possible, in an inner-city location in which we focus on the social environment as well as on tackling climate change.” 

Next step to definitive anterior agreement
As a frontrunner within international KnoopXL, the Vierlander has engaged in discussions with the municipality for some time now. With the signing of the letter of intent, the next step will be to draw up a definitive anterior agreement. This will then be submitted for approval, together with a cluster passport, to the bench of Mayor and Aldermen and presented to the Eindhoven City Council.

Eindhoven is on the threshold of a major increase in scale, partly due to the enormous economic growth of the Brainport Eindhoven region. In the city and in the Brainport region, the level of facilities, housing, office space and transportation will increase considerably. The area around Eindhoven Central Station, International KnoopXL, plays a central and crucial role in this. 

Collaborating parties
Vierlander is a joint development of Four-D and VanWonen.

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