VanWonen and BPD join forces with Janssen de Jong Bouw for Homestead in Nijmegen

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On Thursday afternoon, at real estate fair Provada, area developers VanWonen and BPD | Bouwfonds Gebiedsontwikkeling signed a partnership agreement with Janssen de Jong Bouw for the construction of the green and sustainable new neighbourhood Homestead in Nijmegen. Homestead consists of 77 spacious houses of varying types. The district is located in the De Dijkzone area of the Waalsprong district in Nijmegen-Noord.

Homestead will be a new neighbourhood in Nijmegen-Noord with 55 ground-oriented houses and 22 apartments. Located in the green and vast floodplain landscape and on a newly constructed terp (an artificial dwelling mound). The development includes four-storey end-of-terrace houses, two-, three- and four-storey terraced houses and a small apartment complex with two- and three-bedroom apartments and one penthouse. 

Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s Director of Property Development: “In Homestead, people will get to enjoy living in a green, spacious and peaceful environment. With panoramic views of the green floodplains and with a beautiful sheltered courtyard, in which the transitions from private gardens to a communal area have been designed to be ‘soft’. In addition, Homestead borders directly on Park Waaijenstein and the Waaldijk. Here, current and future generations can live healthily in a green environment.”

Low-energy and sustainable
The homes in Homestead will be low-energy and sustainable (BENG3=100%). They will have good insulation, solar panels, balanced ventilation, heat recovery units, and green roofs. The pedestrian-friendly, private courtyard features small height differences, so that parked cars are hidden from view as much as possible. Bioswales ensure the absorption of rainwater and trees provide cooling. There is of course plenty of room for children to play and for residents to meet each other. Where possible, habitats are provided for insects, hedgehogs, birds and bats.

Joost Mulder, Regional Director of BPD: “With Janssen de Jong Bouw, we have found a professional partner for Homestead. A partner that has shown flexibility from the very start and that, together with us, puts the needs and preferences of customers first. We have incorporated in the basic floor plans the pre-identified preferences of customers for certain interior layouts. This ensures that the homes are in line with the wish list of our customers.

Urban architecture
The use of urban brick architecture makes that the plan of Zecc Architects sits like a sculptural ‘rock’ in the floodplain landscape. The living room of the single-family houses is located on the first floor. With large windows opening directly onto a sunken terrace garden, you can take in the beautiful views here. With a good balance between private, collective and public space.

Louis Camps, CEO of Housing at JAJO: “This project fits in with what we at Janssen de Jong Bouw stand for: working together on a sustainable living environment and ensuring that people are happy in their homes. Because we are STIP certified, buyers can apply for the Green Declaration Register. This allows them to take out green mortgage products, giving them both the security of a sustainable home and a more affordable mortgage.”

Planning and registration
Construction is expected to start at the end of this year. The first handovers are planned at the end of 2024. There are still homes available in Homestead. To see the current houses on offer, please visit:

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