Start of construction ceremony for 49 zero-energy homes in Zwolle

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On Thursday afternoon, alderman Monique Schuttenbeld (area development Stadshagen) ceremoniously gave the go-ahead for the construction of 49 homes in the Reede neighbourhood in Breezicht. Area developer VanWonen has sold almost all 115 homes of the first phase of the new housing development Reede in Stadshagen. TVA Architects designed the homes, which will be built by Schutte Bouw. The handover of the homes is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024.

With the unveiling of a spectacular ice sculpture, alderman Monique Schuttenbeld gave a wintry go-ahead for the start of construction, assisted by Mireille Jeurnink (VanWonen) and Paul Dijkman (Schutte Bouw & Ontwikkeling). After the official start of construction, all future residents present at the ceremony had the opportunity to get to know each other and share their first experiences. The alderman congratulated the residents on their new build homes: “As the municipality of Zwolle, we are very pleased that another group of residents has found a beautiful and sustainable home in Breezicht, in a green, water-rich and easily accessible area. The homes contribute to the housing task that we, as a municipality, have.”

Reede: living in a green and water-rich environment
Breezicht is located on the green side of Stadshagen, adjacent to the Milligerplas lake. About 1140 houses will be developed in Breezicht, divided over six neighbourhoods. The Reede neighbourhood – in the north of Breezicht – will feature a mix of terraced houses, semi-detached houses, and detached houses. Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen Director of Property Development, is proud: “Reede’s design is inspired by the garden village concept, with liveliness and nature coming together. We are adding a total of 115 zero-energy homes. Beautifully located beside the Milligerplas lake, this will be a lovely, comfortable and healthy place to live.”

Climate-proof neighbourhood
Breezicht will be an energy-efficient and climate-proof neighbourhood. Electricity for the public space will be generated by solar installations. And when it rains, excess water will be guided to a central pond via watercourses, bioswales and green zones. This ‘water buffer’ serves as a reserve for periods of drought and heat waves. Paul Dijkman, Director of Schutte Bouw & Ontwikkeling: “I am proud that we were asked to build this new neighbourhood. The architecture is inspired by the garden villages of the last century. Reede will be a pleasant, green neighbourhood with contemporary architecture and sustainable materials. In addition, there is care for nature: nesting boxes for bats and swallows will be incorporated in the houses.”

A few homes are still available
A few terraced houses in phase 1 are still available. And the presale for phase 2 in Reede has started. Phase 2 consists of 66 homes in various types and price ranges. For more information and to register, please visit

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