Agreement signed for 39 rental apartments in the city centre of Hengelo

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In Hengelo, 39 low-energy rental apartments will be added to the new mixed-use development opposite the town hall. The plan consists of 31 social housing apartments, 8 mid-priced rental apartments, and approx. 720 m2 of commercial space for restaurants. Today, at the town hall, housing association Welbions, construction company Trebbe and area developer VanWonen signed the agreement for the new development, in the presence of Hengelo alderman Gerard Gerrits. 

The mixed-use development is part of the Lange Wemen area development. In Lange Wemen, the old Thiemsbrug shopping centre will be replaced by a new residential area, a new shopping centre with apartments and underground parking. Lange Wemen will be a green and lively addition to the city centre of Hengelo. In total, Lange Wemen will accommodate 250 to 300 homes and 4,000 m2 of commercial space. A new restaurant plaza opposite the town hall will form the lively heart of Hengelo’s radically transformed city centre. A place where future generations will also be able to enjoy healthy living. 

Eric Markvoort, managing director of Welbions, is pleased: “With this plan, we are adding 39 energy-efficient and affordable rental homes to Hengelo. This is entirely in line with our portfolio strategy; we want to contribute to inner-city living. Now that market players are cautious, we are seizing this opportunity with both hands. By spring 2025, we will be able to offer house seekers fantastic apartments in the attractive city centre.” 

Alderman Gerard Gerrits (Spatial Planning) adds: “It took a while, but now the time has come: we are going to realise this wonderful plan for a new mixed-use development with restaurants. On Burgemeester Jansenplein, a prominent and beautiful spot in our city centre. Moreover, this is a plan with many affordable rental homes, homes for which there is a great need in our city. It’s an important step within the greater Lange Wemen project. I’m very happy about it!”

Lange Wemen
A Master Plan is being prepared for the next phase of Lange Wemen. This Master Plan consists of a further elaboration of the plans with an urban development design, residential programme, ideas for the layout of the area, and phasing and planning. VanWonen Director André ten Vergert is visibly proud: “With the development and realisation of this mixed-use development with restaurants on the ground floor, we are taking the first important step in the entire area development of Lange Wemen. This is where a new part of the city centre will emerge: sustainable, energy-efficient and inviting.” 

Construction starts around April
The building was designed by Koschuch Architects and reflects the characteristics of the post-war architecture of Hengelo. The building and operating permit has now been granted. Construction company Trebbe plans to start construction around April 2024. Director Hein Trebbe Jnr: “We are honoured by this opportunity to build in such a beautiful location in the heart of Hengelo. With its gorgeous brick architecture, the mixed-use building will be a great addition to the city centre.” 

It is not yet definitive which restaurants/cafes will appear on the ground floor. More information about the project:

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