Action Plan for The Hague Moerwijk Junction presented to municipality

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During the Provada 2024 real estate fair, housing association Staedion, developing contractor Stebru and area developer NU Projectontwikkeling/VanWonen presented the action plan ‘Viersprong Moerwijk’ (Moerwijk Crossroads) to the municipality of The Hague. Aldermen Van Asten and Balster received the plan. This action plan offers many opportunities for the four neighbourhoods around Moerwijk Junction and their residents.

Partnering with various public and private parties in housing, employment, healthcare, mobility, education, and the arts and culture sector, Staedion, Stebru, and NU Projectontwikkeling have crafted an action plan. Their vision of integrating spaces for living, working and learning shows that many unrealized potential can be tapped into to drive the envisaged transformation: from Moerwijk Junction into Moerwijk Crossroads. With this plan, the area can make a tremendous leap in quality, which offers new perspectives for the residents of Moerwijk, Spoorwijk, Laakkwartier and Laakhavens.

City entrance of The Hague Southwest
Gijsbert van Herk, Chairman of the Executive Board of Staedion: “We initiated discussions with various parties a while back to explore the opportunities in this area. The Moerwijk Junction as it stands today has great potential to be transformed into something truly special through improvements in quality and amenities, such as the construction of a large number of affordable and diverse housing options. This can transform the area into a beautiful city entrance for The Hague Southwest.” Michel Zaadhof, CEO of NU Projectontwikkeling, adds: “The area offers opportunities for more local employment and more amenities, such as healthcare, education, and arts and culture. But also for expanding green spaces and water. Furthermore, the Moerwijk traffic junction can be decongested with improved public transportation, making full use of the excellent location near Moerwijk train station.” 

Involving residents
“With our vision, the districts will be closely linked, both spatially and socially, while preserving the existing strengths of each area. The current traffic junction is an obstacle to this integration of four districts. In addition to homes, businesses, schools and other amenities, a new city park is also among the possibilities. Of course, we will involve residents in the development of the action plan,” said Robert Steenbrugge, CEO of Stebru.

Positive reactions from aldermen
Martijn Balster, alderman of the municipality of The Hague (Public Housing, The Hague Southwest): “We are building the city together: together with the residents, together with the municipality and together with parties such as Staedion, Stebru and NU Projectontwikkeling. Well thought-out visions for the future, such as this action plan for Moerwijk, are therefore very welcome. This plants a seed that still needs to germinate further and requires the full commitment of all involved. I am confident that we will collectively enjoy the fruits of this endeavour, the people of Moerwijk at the forefront.” 

Robert van Asten, alderman of the municipality of The Hague (Urban Development): “As a municipality, we see great potential in the Moerwijk Junction. As a key component of the Amsterdam-Rotterdam railway, it plays a vital role in connecting the surrounding neighbourhoods and our city. It’s wonderful to see that so many parties are actively engaged in making plans for this part of The Hague. We are therefore going to look at this plan with great interest.”

Many parties involved
The ‘Viersprong Moerwijk’ action plan was realized through the cooperation of: HTM, NS, ProRail, Police, ROC Mondriaan, Lucas Onderwijs, Saffier, Florence, Haga Ziekenhuis, Aannemersbedrijf D.C. v.d. Boogaard, ECHO Urban Design, Urban Sync and Depart. The plan is also supported by the Economic Board The Hague.

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