Start of construction 25 homes Tuyn project in Arnhem Schuytgraaf

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On Friday afternoon, area developer VanWonen and builder Reinbouw celebrated the start of construction of the Tuyn project in Arnhem, together with the future residents. Tuyn consists of 25 spacious and sustainable single-family homes, located on the north side of Schuytgraaf. The plan offers a varied range of housing, with detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and back-to-back houses. MIX Architectuur signed on for the design job. All homes have been sold; the handover is scheduled for mid-2025.

In the presence of the future residents, Mireille Jeurnink (VanWonen) and Antoinette Wilmot (Reinbouw) symbolically kicked off the construction of the Tuyn housing project. Greenery, water and sustainable principles are at the forefront of Tuyn. The location is right on the edge of the river landscape on the north side of Schuytgraaf. The plan is inspired by the rural character of the area. 

Biodiversity will be enhanced
It will be a green, nature-inclusive neighbourhood, with native plants that complement the surroundings. In addition, there will be green permeable driveways and sedum will be planted on the flat roofs. With nesting stones for birds and boxes for bats, the biodiversity will be enhanced.

The neighbourhood will provide plenty of space for cyclists, pedestrians and electric vehicles. 
Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen Director of Property Development: “People will soon be living the good life in a green and healthy environment here. With fully zero-energy homes, excellent insulation and solar panels. This is how we are creating future-proof homes for many generations to come.”

Landscape architecture 
The homes in Tuyn have been designed by MIX Architectuur and are divided into two sub-areas with their own atmosphere and appearance. In Wonen aan de Achterstraat (‘living on the back street’) you will find detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses, all with a view of the river landscape. Next to it is the farmyard of an existing farm which has been redeveloped into a small-scale care facility by dementia care organisation Dagelijks Leven. Adjacent, on the site of the old barn, in the existing greenery of the yard and next to the cart track, eight back-to-back houses will be developed. That is Wonen op het Erf (‘living in the farmyard’). 

Antoinette Wilmot, Commercial Director of Reinbouw: “The houses in Tuyn feature a beautiful design with much attention to detail and wooden elements. A splendid project that calls for a lot of craftsmanship on the part of our carpenters and construction workers. And that is exactly what Reinbouw is good at and does with great enthusiasm. We also provide housing for birds and bats. So in Tuyn, both people and animals will have a great place to live.”

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