Who we are

We are VanWonen. An enterprising area and property developer in the North-East of the Netherlands. We excel in offering fully independent solutions to complex challenges in the housing market. Challenges related to sustainability, compact city development, the ageing population, health, inclusiveness, climate adaptation and digitization.

Our team

From our offices in Zwolle, Den Haag, Utrecht, Groningen and Nijmegen, more than 70 professionals are dedicated to providing customer experience excellence. Driven and committed team players with a broad vision and expertise in all required areas. Our focus is on the well-being of people and the planet and the importance of personal relationships and a powerful network. We stand for a new style of developing.

Creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations requires close collaboration of many disciplines, based on one integral idea. Our strength is to connect all ideas that arise in close collaboration with municipalities, investors, housing corporations, local residents and future residents, and translate them into sustainable and inspiring concepts that lead to cost-effective developments. That is why we have our own in-house architects and concept developers who play a pivotal role in an extensive network of specialists and stakeholders.

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Team VanWonen

Alfred Bolks CEO

André ten Vergert Director

Anna Everding Business Developer

Annemiek Houtkamp Development Manager

Arjan Hinkenkemper Project Manager

Armando Pais Do Amaral Head of Data Science and Technology

Arthur Gerritsen Project Developer

Auke Schipper Development Manager

Barbara Dorren Marketing, Leasing & Sales Coordinator

Barbara Willemsen Office Manager

Bart Arts Development Manager

Bavon de Vor Project Developer

Benedict Kraus Manager Tenders

Chris Stam CFO

Chris-Marije Sudmeijer Management Assistant

Diane Wigtman Project Developer

Dirk-Jan van Veen Financial Employee

Dorien Bakker Marketing, Leasing & Sales Coordinator

Duarte Neves Data Scientist

Elle Duncker Management Assistant

Femina Schreijer Hospitality

Francis van der Schoot Sales Manager

Frida Hoekman Project Developer

Hans Berghege Sales Manager

Hans Bonekamp Project Developer

Helen de Smidt- Klaren Marketing, Leasing & Sales Coordinator

Hessel de Groot Business Project Controller

Inger Nijhuis Financial Manager

Jaap Zehenpfenning Sales Manager

Jan van Gils Architect Research & Development

Jan Voorrips Risk Management Director

Janine de Jong Online Marketing & Communication Manager

Jeroen van der Tas Project Developer

Jeroen van der Wilk Business Controller

Jolein Steenbergen Customer Manager

Luuk Alferink Project Developer

Maarten de Jong Customer Manager

Maarten Westerburger Corporate Lawyer

Marcel de Ruiter Manager Sustainability & Innovation

Margaretha Klaver - Smit Financial Worker

Mariët Oosterveld HR Business Partner

Marius Rob Project Developer Tenders

Marjolein Jongerius Sales Manager

Martijn Bakers Project Developer

Martijn van Essen Sales Manager

Matthijs Brouwer Development Manager

Melanie Willemse Sales Manager

Michel Zaadhof Director

Miranda Venekamp-Brandt Director Marketing, Sales & Rental

Mireille Jeurnink Director of Real Estate Development

Nathalie Koetsier Nieuwenhuis Management Assistant

Patrick Laan Development Manager

Peter Diepenhorst Project Developer

Pieter Borsboom Marketing & Communication Manager

Raymond Rijnaars Operational Director

René Steman Project Developer

René Werger Corporate Lawyer

Rob Banning Project Manager

Rob Dijkman Project Developer

Robert Mackaaij Market- and Data analyst

Robyne van Notten Project Developer

Roxanne Mulder Market- and Data analyst

Roy van Zandvoort Project Developer

Teunis van den Brink Financial Controller

Thijs van Oosten Project Manager

Vincent Reukers Project Developer

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Strategic agenda VanWonen

VanWonen 2022-2026

Our governance

VanWonen Holding B.V. is an independent company not affiliated with any group or construction company. VanWonen is a member of NEPROM and thus conforms to the NEPROM Code of Conduct.

Advisory Board
VanWonen has an Advisory Board. The members of this Board are Wienke Bodewes, Peter Keur and Sipko Schat (chairman). All three board members have experience in executive and supervisory positions in the field of real estate and finance. Drawing on this experience, they act as advisors and sounding boards for the shareholders and the VanWonen Board of Directors.