VanWonen for the healthiest generations

We create sustainable and inclusive living environments where everyone - regardless of age, impairments, social class, or ethnicity - can live and coexist happily. Areas brimming with character and identity, for both buyers and tenants. Where municipalities and clients see their ambitions realized in a sustainable way. That add value to the existing environment and the lives of the people who live there. Based on a shared desire for a healthy, future-proof society.

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Our vision of sustainability

Sustainability is one of the main VanWonen focus areas on our path to the healthiest generations in the world. With our work, we want to make a positive contribution to people and the planet. And we want to keep looking for new ways to maximize our impact in terms of sustainability. With sustainable and carbon neutral homes that take care of themselves. With living environments that help people make healthy choices. With areas that are inclusive because everyone can live there, where everyone counts and residents look out for each other.

Our approach

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We are proud of that! But as a ‘9+ organisation’, an organisation that strives to deliver customer experience excellence, we always go the extra mile.

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