Homes and living environments for the healthiest generations

Creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations. This is our mission as a property and area developer. Areas that are good for people and the planet and in which municipalities and clients see their ambitions realized in a sustainable way. Based on a shared desire for a healthy, future-proof society. To accomplish this, municipalities need developers as partners; residents want their wishes and needs to be heard.

Major challenges
This is why we are committed to tackle the major societal challenges of our time. With the national government increasingly withdrawing, municipalities are facing an enormous task. We believe that as a developer, we have a role in society to combine forces, to make things better together. Our focus is on the development of owner-occupied and rental housing. From inner-city transformations to new builds in rural areas, both large-scale and small-scale. And increasingly in combination with commercial use, healthcare services or other mixed forms. We are proactive and take the lead and responsibility at the front-end of projects. As such, we act as a connector and accelerator between all stakeholders.

The power of attention
We believe in the power of attention. Attention for everyone, for every detail, in every phase. We want to do the right thing for people and the planet, insofar as this is within our reach. And we want to keep looking for ways to maximize our impact. With sustainable and carbon neutral homes that take care of themselves. With living environments that help people make healthy choices. Living environments that are inclusive, where everyone - regardless of age, disability, social class or ethnicity - can enjoy living and coexisting. Areas brimming with character and identity, for both buyers and tenants. Where municipalities and clients see their ambitions realized in a sustainable way.

Developing together and staying involved
This is what we do, because we feel connected to the areas and projects we develop. We know these areas by heart. We live and work there ourselves, understand the culture and speak the language. From the earliest possible moment, we involve policymakers, local residents and buyers and tenants in the development. Participation is an integral part of our high-value customer journey. This approach has been the foundation of our company from the very start. And we continue to be involved and committed to what we develop. As such, we learn from the experiences of residents and their growth into the healthiest generations.

‘Purple zones’ are the future
Our dream? The VanWonen ‘purple zones’. Developing socially inclusive neighbourhoods, where residents not only feel at home, but also look out for each other. With a design that stimulates healthy behaviour, encourages people to exercise and meet others. And that enables everyone to participate, to help and reap the benefits. Neighbourhoods that contribute to longer and healthier lives for the generations that live there.

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