Homes and living environments for the healthiest generations

Creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations. This is our mission as a property and area developer. Areas that are good for people and the planet and in which municipalities and clients see their ambitions realized in a sustainable way. Based on a shared desire for a healthy, future-proof society. To accomplish this, municipalities need developers as partners; residents want their wishes and needs to be heard.

Big challenges
That is why we are responding to major societal challenges. With a national government that is increasingly withdrawing, municipalities are faced with an enormous task. We see a social role for us as a developer to work together. Our focus is on the development of owner-occupied and rental properties. From inner-city transformations to new construction in rural areas, both large and small-scale, and increasingly in combination with commercial real estate, healthcare or other mixed forms. We undertake and take control and responsibility at the front of projects. In this way we fulfill the role of connector and accelerator between all stakeholders.

The power of attention
We believe in the power of attention. Attention to everyone, to every detail, at every stage. As far as our influence extends, we want to do good for people and the planet and keep thinking about how we can maximize our impact. With sustainable and CO2 neutral homes that take care of themselves. With living environments that help you make healthy choices. Which are inclusive because everyone - regardless of age, disability, social class or country of origin - can live and live together happily. Areas with character and identity for buyers and tenants in which municipalities and clients see their ambitions reflected in a sustainable way.

Developing and staying involved together
We can do that because we feel connected to the areas and projects we develop. We know the area, live and work there ourselves, understand the culture and speak the language. We involve policymakers, local residents and buyers and tenants in the development from the earliest possible moment. Participation is part of our 9+ customer journey. A way of working that forms the basis of our company from the start. And we stay connected and involved in what we develop. In this way we learn from the experiences of residents and we contribute to the development of the healthiest generations.

'Purple Zones' are the future
Our dream? These are the VanWonen 'purple zones'. Inclusive neighborhoods developed by us where residents look out for each other and feel at home. The design of which stimulates healthy behavior, encourages exercise, meeting others and ensures that everyone participates, helps and benefits. Neighborhoods that contribute to the fact that the generations living there live measurably longer and healthier lives.

Sustainable business: ESG
Well-being of people and the planet

ESG is one of the important VanWonen building blocks on the way to the healthiest generations. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance, also referred to as Environment, Society and Good Corporate Governance. In 2023, VanWonen will be the first area developer in the Netherlands to receive an ESG Score. With our work, we want to make a positive contribution to people and the planet and think about how our impact can be as large as possible.

Curious about how we do business sustainably?

Societal themes
Area development

The development of residential and living environments requires a vision on social themes. Such as affordable and accessible housing, healthy living, climate resilience, access to care, reducing loneliness among the elderly and more social contact between all population groups. VanWonen researches these themes and develops innovative solutions for them. Solutions that are in line with changing housing needs, forms of housing, urban conditions and that contribute to important social challenges at the moment:

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Our way of working
An 8 from our customers

At VanWonen, customers and the journey they make with us are central. That is why we measure their experience in the meantime and adjust our further development process accordingly. Our aim is a 9+ customer experience throughout the entire journey. We are well on the way: currently the customer rating is an 8. This is the sum of all our projects and the phases already completed. We measure throughout the entire customer journey, from development to post-delivery. So that we can immediately improve our service with the input. The results give us insight into the steps we have to take towards a 9+.

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