Sustainable business: ESG Well-being of people and the planet

ESG is one of the important VanWonen building blocks on the way to the healthiest generations. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance, also referred to as Environment, Society and Good Corporate Governance.

In 2023, VanWonen will be the first area developer in the Netherlands to receive an ESG Score. Based on this score, it is clear to what extent VanWonen expressly takes into account the consequences of its business operations on the environment, people and society, in addition to the financial return and risk.

We have defined how we do this in the following dimensions:

People's well-being:
Inclusive neighbourhoods
Participation & co-creation
Living a vital life

Well-being of the Earth:
Carbon neutral & zero energy
Sustainable materials
Biodiverse & climate adaptive

Value-driven Entrepeneurship:
Inclusive organization
Direction & safeguarding

Development & vitality

We build CO2-neutral homes with as many circular and biobased materials as possible. For living environments, we focus on biodiversity, nature conservation and climate adaptation. Vital living environments because they stimulate healthy behavior and help to make healthy choices. Which are inclusive, because everyone - regardless of age, disability, social class or country of origin - can enjoy living there and living together. Where everyone feels at home, is involved in the development from the start and remains so afterwards. Where everyone helps each other to become and remain the healthiest generation.

The VanWonen ESG manifesto:

The ESG report 2024