Societal themes Area development

Creating homes and living environments for the healthiest generations. That is our mission. Developing housing and living environments requires a vision on social themes. Such as affordable and accessible housing, healthy living, climate resilience, access to care, reducing loneliness among the elderly and more social contact between all population groups.

VanWonen researches these themes and developed these innovative solutions. Solutions that arise from guided housing demands, housing forms, urban conditions and contribute to fundamental social issues at the moment, such as:

Stacking with collectives

The question is whether the solutions of the past still fit in the future. Jan van Gils, Architect Research & Development at VanWonen, investigates social developments and their consequences for residential and living environments. He sees the need for new collective forms of housing and living.

Jan van Gils: “I developed new concepts together with creative experts in our network. Concepts that are in line with changing housing needs, forms of living, urban conditions and that contribute to important social challenges at the moment.

The developed solutions are bundled in the VanWonen publication 'Stapelen met collectieven'. You can download this for free via the button below.