Our way of working
an 8 from our customers

At VanWonen, customers and the journey they make with us are central. That is why we measure their experience in the meantime and adjust our further development process accordingly. Our aim is a 9+ customer experience throughout the entire journey. We are well on the way: currently the customer rating is an 8. This is the sum of all our projects and the phases already completed. We measure throughout the entire customer journey, from development to post-delivery. So that we can immediately improve our service with the input. The results give us insight into the steps we have to take towards a 9+.

An 8 from our customers
We ask customers about their experience after each phase in the customer journey: crowdsource, presale and sale, buyer's choice, realization phase, delivery and aftercare. The implementation of these phases is partly in our own hands and partly in the hands of our partners. Whoever does the implementation, we always keep control and remain the point of contact for the customer: that is the VanWonen way of working. Customers currently rate us with an 8. A score that we are proud of, even though we are not there yet.

Optimal customer experience
We strive for an optimal customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. This is created by listening to the customer, thinking along and unburdening. This is how we create a journey full of positive experiences that we take together with the customer; from A to Z and sometimes even further. Attention to customers, their wishes and experience determines the further development process for us, not the other way around.

Immediate improvement
After each phase in the customer journey, we ask customers about their experience. Not afterwards, but in the meantime. We immediately take the results into account so that customers experience that their input counts. Based on their feedback, we continue to improve as a professional organization throughout the journey we travel together. And at the same time we keep our cooperation partners sharp.

Develop together
This idea - of developing together, participation and sustainable involvement - has been the guiding principle for our company since its foundation. Developing in consultation creates mutual trust. The basis for any long-term relationship. We add the themes of sustainability and health to this, so that we turn a house into a home for customers. Now and in the future.