Kraanbolwerk, Zwolle

Inner-city projects

Kraanbolwerk on the banks of the river Zwarte Water in Zwolle used to be a bastion to defend and protect Zwolle’s inner harbour. Later, this northern part of the city became a rough harbour area for trading. With 130 owner-occupied and rental homes and apartments, this unique part of the city has acquired a new function.

The crane on the quay was used for loading and unloading and could be recognized by its distinctive shape: half of a sphere. And that is what this island near the city centre owes its name to. The industrial past serves as the inspiration for a new future for this unique inner-city location.

With the demolition of factory buildings such as Schaepman Lakfabrieken, and the construction of around 130 homes, the city gets its island back. In the heart of Zwolle, within the confines of the canals, the location of the old paint factory has been redeveloped into a high-quality residential area.

The 130 homes are being developed in four phases, the first of which was completed last year. The development is surrounded by water on three sides and has a large underground car park.

We bring locations to life in consultation with future residents and other stakeholders. Because we don’t just want to create homes, but also an environment people enjoy to live in and spend time in. In workshops, we have brainstormed with residents about what their future living environment should look like.


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