At VanWonen, you will always find a home

At home with us

With the VanWonen Housing Fund, established in 2018, customers will always find a home. Whether they are looking to buy or to rent. From our vision for a specific area, we get to work to realise a living environment for everyone.

By now, several projects such as Kraanbolwerk Zwolle, Steenbrugge Deventer, Nieuwe Buurt Zuiderveld Nijmegen, Oosterparkkwartier Groningen, are available for rent through our Housing Fund and we have provided many new tenants with a home. Through our Housing Fund we develop rental homes for a growing group of people, such as first-time home buyers, families and the elderly, for whom there is currently insufficient supply. We keep all aspects of the management in our own hands, allowing us to remain present in the areas where we operate. We also make sure there is an optimal mix of private sector rental housing and owner-occupied housing. This means that, in addition to being a developer, VanWonen is also an investor on the real estate market, a rather unique combination. Moreover, managing rental homes is a great way to learn from the experiences of our tenants, which helps us to further improve our products.

This is how we stay involved, from A to Z.

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