Customer excellence according to Annemiek

At home with us

Annemiek is a true asset to VanWonen with her many years of experience in real estate and customer service, her involvement in the start of VanWonen and her open and friendly personality. Together with the VanWonen team, she combines her expertise with creativity, and always works towards collaborations that are based on trust and open communication. How does Annemiek ensure customer experience excellence in her daily work?

“I believe that in contact with people you can make all the difference; with sincere personal attention. If you act from mutual trust and respect, you can keep each other sharp, go the extra mile, and come up with new ideas. To me, quality is always key. I’m always interested in the question behind the question. If you have a clear understanding of each party’s needs and are not afraid to point out where interests differ, you will achieve the best result. It’s my job to translate the ideas that are out there and, together with my colleagues, to come up with a plan that gives direction.

In my work, I am responsible for building new relationships and for looking into potential new area developments in the region of Zwolle. For example, I have had an active role in the Spoorzone development in Zwolle virtually from the start. In 2006 this only concerned the development around our own Rietveld office of two hectares in size. Today it concerns an area of more than 100 hectares. Taking the initiative, based on our own vision, and connecting with local stakeholders are key elements in our approach. In this process, I work with others to continuously look for the unique qualities of the city and opportunities for locations. That means brainstorming together, giving direction and helping to make the right choices. I am convinced that you can make a real difference by applying what others may consider ‘soft’, but which is essential in my experience: good communication, openness, mutual trust and respect. Only then, all possibilities can be explored together and (future) changes can be anticipated. To me the key is to keep asking the right questions, to provide clarity and to find solutions for complex issues. And even better: to be surprising in what is actually possible, without losing sight of reality. That is where I, in combination with my tenacity and attention, make the difference.”

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