From Idea to Identity

For VanWonen, area development starts with paying attention to a location or city. By looking closely and listening to what the city has to say. In doing so, stories are created that add something to the history of a place or make a forgotten identity visible again.

VanWonenID is the creative heart of our company. Everything starts with a location. The identity of a location defines what the project will look like. As a concept team, we search for the DNA, uncover the history, restore the old character of an area and add new elements to a plan. This enables us to create our own story from the context and sketch the first contours of a plan. Based on that, we engage other architects and urban planners. Our focus is on urban development, often in the inner city, and on transformations. In cities such as Groningen, Hengelo, Arnhem and Nijmegen. This is how we want to make a difference, in consultation with our customers, stakeholders and residents. As such, we can develop areas that will remain meaningful for generations to come and that will add to the quality of living.

Jan van Gils

Concept developer / architect

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