VanWonen invests in development

VanWonen invests in its 9+ ambition, toward its customers and its employees. This includes the development of employees, but certainly also young talent. VanWonen offers its trainees and their personal development room and attention and enables them to gain professional experience. Young talent offers a fresh perspective on the work and knowledge in the field of their studies. This is why we want to place our trainees in the spotlights on the Day of the Trainee. Do they like their work, and what stands out to them?

From tag-along to graduate traineeship

VanWonen currently has three trainees, each with a different expertise. Romy Egbertzen, Real Estate & Brokerage student, met us at real estate fair Provada. Just like Real Estate & Brokerage student Jent Vries. “At the Provada, I had a speed date with VanWonen, a great way to meet each other. During this date, I was invited to discuss a potential graduate traineeship. That is what I am working on now, specifically a study into participation in area development. I am also working on the Lange Wemen project, an urban area development in Hengelo. This allows me to learn several aspects of the work and enables me to explore my topic in depth.”

Right at home amidst real estate professionals

Lisa Zeephat, Communication student, is another one of our trainees. “VanWonen posted on LinkedIn that they had a traineeship available, and I responded immediately. The great thing is that I now have the chance to create and publish this content for the social media posts myself. I also create articles for our Intranet and website. I can be creative in the way we introduce our new employees using a fitting video. And I have the chance to experience various projects. In addition, I study the way the internal communication at VanWonen is currently set up in relation to the customer satisfaction score and recommend improvements. A highly diverse and educational traineeship, if you ask me.”
Graduate student Romy started last month. “I am conducting a study into the digital customer environment called Mijn VanWonen. I study whether the communication can be centralised to better control the customer journey and connect all parties involved. I am still amazed by the professionalism and willingness to contribute ideas of my VanWonen colleagues. If I have questions, my traineeship coaches are there for me and understand precisely what I mean. I also feel right at home amidst all real estate professionals; I can still learn a lot here.”

Enjoying work every day

Jent confirms this: “The atmosphere at VanWonen felt right immediately. From the moment I started, I was supported well and given the freedom to work on my thesis. I can also tag along with my colleagues to allow me to take a look at the disciplines of development managers and project developers and get an idea of their work. All colleagues are willing to answer your questions and help where necessary. This made me feel very welcome.”

Lisa smiles and tells with pride: “I enjoy working at VanWonen every day. Each day is different. The work keeps changing and this gives me a better idea of the diversity in the field of communication. In my introductory interview, I indicated to have an affinity for video and that I want to develop myself in this field. I am certainly given this chance, including when it comes to my other learning goals. The mood at VanWonen is very pleasant and everyone is willing to help you whenever necessary.” 

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