Working at VanWonen as a Customer Manager

At home with us

Where Jolein Steenbergen is, there are customers. She is involved from the first blade of grass to the completion of the project. And beyond. In projects throughout the Netherlands, such as Stadshagen in Zwolle and projects in Meppel and Nijmegen. Jolein gives you a peak into her role as customer manager at VanWonen, a position in which she is in constant contact with our customers.

“I may be organising a buyers’ meeting one day, and my next day may be spent on internal coordination and sales preparations. My agenda varies from day to day. I do sales conversations, help our customers with their questions and actively look for solutions.” Jolein does this with others because, by bundling expertise, she optimises the customer process. She works closely with the Sales Manager and coordinates with the Project Developer, who handles the contact with stakeholders such as municipalities and contractors. “I am the contact person for our customers, from the start to the completion and beyond. This means that I guide the customer through the process from A to Z, because you don’t buy a house every day. In my role, I look at things from the customer’s perspective: what should someone pay attention to and how do you make certain choices.
Because the customer journey is our basis and we strive for an organisation that delivers customer experience excellence (9+), I am always thinking about how we can surprise customers in a positive way. That, in combination with the contact with customers, is what I like best about my job; it gives me a lot of energy.”

What aspects of your role are challenging?

“The current housing market is a challenge. It is difficult to build something that is also affordable for first-time home buyers. It’s also a challenge to keep being surprising in the VanWonen customer journey. Every project is different, so it is important to look at what each target group’s needs are. This challenge keeps me focused on making sure the customer remains satisfied. And on how I can ensure that the customer will move into their new home feeling good about it.”

What are you proud of?

Jolein does not need much time to think about this: “My first project in Heerde, which was completed a while ago. When I was there the other day, I felt a sense of pride. The houses in a circle around the now very green oasis of the bioswale. That was the idea of the project. The children can play to their hearts’ content and the current residents are very happy.” 

I am also proud to be part of the VanWonen team. I get many opportunities to keep developing myself, by gaining experience in the field and learning from my colleagues, for example in the field of construction. I did my graduation internship at VanWonen two years ago, and after that I was given the opportunity to start as a Customer Manager. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands, and I’m glad that VanWonen wants to attract young talent. That’s why I can often be found at special student days to look for new talent.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I hope to give many more customers a lovely home and that they will live happily and healthily in a VanWonen house.”

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