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Data and research: does that spark your interest? This time, we will give you a look into the position of Market and Data Analyst. We are currently looking for a new colleague for this position.    

As your laptop starts up, a request from the project team pops up in your inbox. It concerns a development site that is potentially interesting. You are asked to prepare an extensive market report. On the basis of these research results, the team will be able to determine if the site is interesting to develop and if so, why.
Various records, public and non-public systems are checked to get information about the location. This results in an extensive SWOT analysis, an analysis of the demographic development, an analysis of the shortage on the housing market and an analysis of future demand. It also provides insight into the potential target groups and sets out the price level for the rental and owner-occupied market. This data is presented in a clear report and sent to the project team, who will use it for guidance.  

On the basis of data
The project team uses this report to decide whether it is a ‘Go’ or ‘No Go’. In this case, the decision is made to proceed with the development location. A great team result that you have contributed to. 
On to the next challenge. It is now time to provide the relevant data for the shareholder report, as the new quarter has started. This analysis is also used as a resource for the VanWonen Operational Report. This time there is an additional request. Based on the VanWonen vision of creating homes and living environments for healthiest generations, we have been asked to provide input for a specific project on assisted living homes.

Personal development
You will have noticed that the Market and Data Analyst is often asked to provide thorough advice. At both the project and the company level. Especially now that the organisation is growing rapidly, the analyses and research results form a good basis for decision processes. We also want to stimulate continuous development. That is why we offer extensive training opportunities and have our own VanWonen Academy.

Market and data analyst wanted
Does this job opening appeal to you? Or do you know someone who is the perfect match for this position? We would like to hear from you. Please contact us via

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