Working in accordance with the New Style

At home with us

In 2017, VanWonen started with 12 employees. Since then, the team has more than tripled. Housing is in our genes. In everything we do, conceive, develop and offer. We are proud of our way of working; doing things just a tad differently. We work in accordance with the New Style. A way of working that is based on attention. Attention for each other, but also for our customers, partners and relations.

It is no coincidence that we have a thing for style. Our office is housed in a listed building. This unique building was designed by Gerrit Rietveld. Rietveld was one of the icons of the De Stijl art movement. He was innovative in many areas and built according to the adage ‘light, air and space’. We are extremely proud that we can do our work in this inspiring building.

The people of VanWonen are skilled professionals. Conceptual, creative, driven and committed. Team players who, together with municipalities, investors, corporations, local residents and future residents, work with passion to realise inspiring sustainable projects and areas. In our approach, we start from the wishes and needs of our customers, and therefore design and develop from the inside out. This typifies our culture, which centres on three values: customer-oriented entrepreneurship, future-oriented teamwork, integrity and authenticity. A customer-oriented and entrepreneurial culture ensures that customers feel welcome, are positively surprised and rate their customer journey with a 9+. We believe in the power of attention and participation, which results in long-term relationships: from becoming a customer and being a customer, to staying a customer. Our employees are true to themselves, are approachable and walk their talk.

Our trust in each other and the pride and pleasure we take in our work means that we have all the ingredients to develop a bright future together.

Pleased to meet you.
We are VanWonen.

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