Celebration marks start of construction of 'Thuis in de Boomgaard'

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On Thursday afternoon, Jelle Dijkstra, director of Bureau Meerstad, symbolically kicked off the construction of the 12 back-to-back houses. These are the last homes of the total of 56 homes in new-build project Thuis in de Boomgaard (which translates to ‘at home in the orchard’) in Meerstad. The 12 homes, in the shape of a farm, are a real eye-catcher in this VanWonen project. All homes have been sold.

Time capsule with future wishes
With the burial of a time capsule, Jelle Dijkstra, together with Mireille Jeurnink (VanWonen) and Kees Buitenwerf (VDM Woningen) gave the symbolic go-ahead for the construction. The time capsule contains an official certificate signed by the parties involved. The future residents toasted to a bright future in Thuis in de Boomgaard. 
Jelle Dijkstra, Director of Bureau Meerstad: “Thuis in de Boomgaard is almost the last project of the first district of Meerstad, and with that the Meeroevers district is more or less completed. I am very pleased for the people who have found a new home in this beautiful and green area in Meerstad. Thuis in de Boomgaard also offers an opportunity for first-time home buyers to buy a home that is more affordable. I wish all residents in this new neighbourhood lots of happiness in their homes, and in the meantime we will continue to build on the Meerstad plan area.”

Healthy and sustainable living on the waterfront
With Thuis in de Boomgaard, VanWonen is creating a sustainable and healthy new living environment. Central in the plan is a ‘woonerf’ design (a typically Dutch street model of shared space, low-speed limits and traffic calming). Around it, other residential spheres have been introduced, each with its own character, but also clearly related to one another. A unique feature of this plan are the (material) transitions from the homes to the public space and vice versa.
Mireille Jeurnink, VanWonen’s Director of Property Development: “Despite its size, the plan for Thuis in de Boomgaard is small-scale and has a green design. We expect that the residents will enjoy living here, in sustainable homes and in a green and low-traffic residential area.”  

Thuis in de Boomgaard
The Thuis in de Boomgaard project is situated on Hoofdweg in the Meeroevers district of Meerstad and offers a wide variety of houses built by VDM Woningen. The project consists of 56 houses, ranging from terraced houses to semi-detached and detached houses. Eye-catcher of the new-build project are the 12 back-to-back houses in the shape of a farm. It is expected that the first homes will be completed in September of this year. The last homes are expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.
Kees Buitenwerf, Chief Financial Officer of construction company VDM Woningen: “With this project, we can offer many people a new home in a sustainable, modern neighbourhood in Meerstad. This is possible as a result of the pleasant collaboration with Bureau Meerstad, VanWonen, and Henckel & Zahir Architecten.” 

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