Stadshavens, Groningen

Area and property development

In the coming years, the city of Groningen will undergo a transformation. A new area for living and working will be developed: Stadshavens. It concerns the area around the Eemskanaal canal, between the streets Damsterdiep and Sontweg. Here, a unique urban district will emerge on the waterfront. The municipality of Groningen, developers VanWonen, VolkerWessels Vastgoed and BPD, and housing associations Lefier and Nijestee are jointly developing 2,400 homes and 30,000 m2 of business space for commercial and social amenities. The owner-occupied and rental homes are built for a wide target group in all income brackets. Of these homes, 360 will be social housing and 240 mid-priced rental housing. Stadshavens will thus make an important contribution to reducing the housing shortage in Groningen.

Green district
The plan is to transform Stadshavens into a pleasant and lively area for living, working and recreating. It will be a green city district; an attractive location for people to have their homes in and work in. Characteristic buildings in the area, such as the EMG silo, the ‘zakkenloods’ (a former warehouse for the storage of bulk bags) and the Cova chimney, will be preserved. The combination of modern and historic buildings is what makes Stadshavens stand out; it will be seen and loved as a quaint slice of the city. In total, there will be 3,300 homes and 33,000m² of business space for commercial and social amenities and a ‘Port Park’. The range of house types will be varied: owner-occupied and rental housing, for the young and old. The streets will be pedestrian-friendly and the area will feature bicycle and walking paths, quays and additional squares where people can get together and relax. The Damsterdiep will be transformed into a green city avenue. And at the location where the transhipment of sand used to take place, a large park will be created. With lots of lush vegetation and space for sports and play.

Encouraging healthy behaviour
It will be a place where people want to be; a place to meet others, to come home to and/or to enjoy working in. Stadshavens will be a neighbourhood with lots of greenery and a public space that invites people to be physically active. Where, in a changing climate, sustainability is paid attention to. The homes will be gas-free, low-energy, and equipped with sustainable materials and features. Sustainable mobility is also an important theme. The use of bicycles and public transport is encouraged, as well as using energy-efficient share cars. 

Process and planning
If all procedures progress smoothly, the site will be prepared for building in 2024. Stadshavens will be developed in phases, from west to east. 


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